our vision 

Towards a conscious and healthy society using modern technology to adpot a healthy lifestyle

our mission

using modern technology to create a complete health perventive system enhances the concept of periodic examination and monitoring the personal health of people and increases their health awarness in an attractive and easy way

Tech-Care Initiative

Is an initiative by:

Abdullatif Almarashi -Public health and health promotion Specialist 

Yasser Al-Sulihibi -Information Technology Engineer

The aim of this initiative is to enable people to conduct periodic medical analysis freely and easily through our fully automated medical machines that located in several location in Jeddah. People can follow up their results through the Tech- Care app on their smart phones

These medical analysis include

Height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen, body fat percentage, body fat distribution, body composition analysis include (muscle mass, bone mass, water and protein percentage) and basic metabolism rate,

The goal of this initiative is to raise health awareness and encourage people to adapt healthy life style

Tech- Care Initiative is a health education platform where, in addition to the medical test, users will receive health information that consistent with the results of their medical analysis. In addition, refer who may have risk of having health problems to the right place to receive health service. Tech-Care also consider as Research and health surveillance platform. The row data will collected to make medical researches and studies The initiative is in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 to promote health and it can be developed and linked to the future national electronic medical file