The service is free of charge and does not include any usage charges

You can register in several ways:


1- Register through our website



2 - Registerthrough Tech-Care app in the appStore





3 - Registerthrough Tech-Care app in google play

Tech Care - Apps on Google Play



4. RegisterthroughTech-Care devices

On the main screen, click on New User to register (you can add the rest of your personal information through the app later)

examine your health periodically helps you determine your lifestyle and whether you follow healthy behaviors and also helps you to discover risk factors early, which helps pvent diseases or reduce their effects when they occur.

The device is easy to use; there are audio and written instructions on the screen before each analysis. However, soon we will add instructions video include all the details, and you will be able to access this video through the icon How to use on the Tech Care app

It is never advisable to share a user name and password with anyone else, or to leave others to perform analyzes under your user name. The application record your analysis data and compares it with pvious analyzes. If someone use your user name to run test his reading with interrupt the comparison process and give you false graphs

Under the Health Education icon, there is a full article about each analysis, include the definition of the test, its normal level and how to maintain it at normal level by adapting healthy life-style